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Hook Up By Boy Sedap ...

Tarpon Strike with Sleeping Forest - ##/05/2012

Greetings again PSB Blogger.

Apologise for the long wait. It's been a while i didnt post anything news here. Been Busy with Life and Casting.. XD Recently i myself went to Casting very early in the Morning at Sg Bera. Here's some of my latest Tarpon Catch there XD. Enjoy...

Early morning few cast time got first Tarpon Strike..
Catch, photograph and Release...

Not Frenzy but this small Tarpon really hungry XD

Another Tarpon after long Cast in the Morning

hahaha Early Morning Tarpon Strike again.. Nice XD
Second Tarpon after a few cast later
My Skitter pop got stuck... and i have go down to the river to get (Very Scary)... very ignoring Sand bag.. XD

Baby MJ Strike!! - 13/05/2012

Sunday Morning after Rain.. PSB Maneng went hunting at Anduki Beach.. and guess what?? He got Baby MJ Strike at the rocky mouth.. Well done Bro.. keep it up.. XD

Here's the photo taken by him..

Baby MJ
using UL rod vs with MJ.. must be exciting XD
C.P.R *(Catch, photograph & release)

Some Details added by Maneng himself XD:

Rod:Rod Shakespeare Uglystik UL 5ft (2-6lbs)
Spool:Spinning reel Abu Garcia cardinal 301i
Line: spiderwire code red 6lbs
Leader line: berkley Vanish 12lbs
Lure: Storm grub
Location: Batu lumut

Small Tarpon for the win!! - 10/05/12

Greetings again Fellow Blog viewers,

It's been a while that i didn't post anything new in PSB Blog.. Hahaha Just that say that, i'm been busy searching for my new casting rod. I broke my Daiwa Rod recently while encounter a monster strike at Gurka Spot.

Now finally, i'm back with my New Light casting rod plus Reel and back in action at Sg Bera.

This Morning accompany with my Friend Miguel, We set off to try our new gears at Lubok Buli and also Sg Bera. Not many Frenzy but still there's some Tarpon action and some debris along the way.

Here's some of the marvellous Photoshoot taken by Miguel himself. Enjoy..XD

Early morning, testing our new gears at Lubok Buli and it's beautifull
Lubok Buli Spot
Recently renovated Sg Bera casting spot
But Sadly still many Debris below... very troublesome :(
Finally, Miguel and i had some bite and one small tarpon strike with my new gears...

PSB Crew in Pengail Magazine - 03/05/12

PSB Team, We are in the latest local fish Magazine Pengail.. Good Job Guys, keep it up.. Make PSB proud!! Here's some of the photos

Snakehead Hunter!! - 02/05/2012

PSB Meow is on the Hunt for Snakeheads... here the Recent catch..XD

A Day with PSB Barra and Dol - 01/05/12

PSB Barra Red and Dol also busy on the hunt for fish.. Here's some of their photos below:

Tarpon Fever!! - 30/04/2012

Recently PSB team are on the fever for Tarpon Fish.. here are the photo Below:
PSB Amy lucky strike at Lubok Buli... Est.900g Tarpon
Next day, another Tarpon Strike Est.850g
PSB Barra Red also caught Tarpon
PSB Arep also having Tarpon Fever.. 1st Catch
Second Catch
PSB Agoes also caught Tarpon.. XD

Dalak Frenzy Strikes!! - 29/04/12

Sunday Again! XD This time PSB KB and Miri were on hunt for Snakeheads at their regular Dalak spot again... PSB Qayha Amin,Ramzi & Barra red went all the way from Miri and join up PSB KB Amy, Arun,Meow, Maneng and also Welcome back PSB Mr.Friday after a long Honeymoon Holiday XD. From the entire day of casting, 4 Dalak Snakehead were hook up. Meow with 2 hook up,Ramzi 1 hook up & Jumat 1 hook up.. well done guys... Here's the photo below: Group photo
PSB KB & Miri
Taking a photo while busy casting..
Busy Casting at the moment
Chilling out?

PSB Ucing on frenzy hook up - 28/04/2012

PSB Anak Ucing aka Him also secretly busy hooking up fish. Here are the catch from Him.. XD good job

PSB Geng² went Fishing - 27/04/2012

Last Thursday to Friday morning, Our PSB geng Arun, Boy Sedap, Amy and Meow went to Muara Boat House for some night fishing and casting as well. It seem that Fish around that area are very active during night and day. Many Big Fish were roaming around in search of Food and in luck our PSB Geng also got some few Amazing Strike. Here are some of photos below: Enjoy :D Boy Sedap breaking his best record..hook up a Big Bekalang/QueenFish
A Big Bekalang/Queenfish weighing at 3.5kg
Arun hook up a big Udang Galah/Blue Claw Prawn..well done
Amy hook up a Kerapu/Grouper Fish weighing at 1.3kg..
Meow hook up a Ketambak during night fishing..

Badus Strike by PSB Amy - 23/04/12

PSB Amy went to Bujuk Spot in the late Afternoon and got 2 Strike by Badus Snakehead there.. Check out the photos below: 1st Badus Strike
2nd Badus Strike

Bulan² Strike at Sg Bera - 22/04/12

PSB Sleeping Forest and his friend John went on the cast at Lubok Buli and Sg Bera.. Early morning Ambush by a Tarpon at Lubok Buli and also at Sg Bera.. while many loose hook by Baby Tarpon. not much luck for John as only one misscall for him.. Dont give up bro.. you will have your Fish Strike pretty soon sometime. XD here the photo below: Early Strike at Lubok Buli XD
Small Tarpon strike at Sg Bera..XD